General Tips

Before choosing a specialist , verify it’s credentials. Your plastic surgeon should be graduated from a real school of plastic surgery, should be real member of The Dominican Association of Plastic Surgery ( . You should consider not traveling with children, since you will be required to keep absolute rest and won’t be able taking care of them .Consider a person during the post op, to take care of you, to help you to raise and to lie down, to feed you, etc.

Four weeks before your trip, begin taken 2 pills of iron and 2 pills of folic acid per day. This should raise you hemoglobin levels and you are going to be in better condition for surgery. One week before traveling perform a CBC test , so that won’t be taken by surprise and find out you are with anemia at the time of arriving to the Dominican Republic, which will contraindicate the accomplishment of the procedure.

It is good to emphasize that we have limitations at the time of Liposuction with the fat removal, where we will not be able to withdraw more than 5 liters, otherwise we would jeopardize the health and the life of the patient.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to take Aspirin, or products that contain Aspirin ( Bufferin, Anacin, Excedrin, , Nuprin, Anaprox ,Advil, Ibuprofen) by 10 days before the surgery, as well as supplements l Echinacea, Melatonina, Gingko she-wolf, Yohimbe, Garlic, Gingseng, , Kava Kava, and Vitamin E.

These medications act like an aspirin making the blood thinner. Do not take birth control pills at least one week before your trip, not smoke hookags two weeks before.

Bring little luggage, a small suitcase, and suitable clothes, that facilitates it’s positioning and retirement, of preference blouses, cotton t shirts and dresses that are opened by the front, as well as flat shoes, tennis shoes, sandals etc. Don’t bring tight cloth, because after surgery you are going to be swollen and they are not going to fit you. Patients from outside of Dominican Republic must get an insurance for any case of complications(surgical). Covers up to $ 15,000 dollars for 30 days, inside and outside of Dominican Republic. You could get it at the clinic where you are going to have your surgery. Costs from 200 to 250 dollars, which is not included on surgical´s fees. Remember to locate a close hotel from the clinic with all facilities.

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