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Allows men and women with flat or poorly developed buttocks to enhance and shape the area to their liking. While many women will increase the size of their breasts, they find there is an imbalance between the front and the back and wish to contour their buttocks to fit their body size and shape.

In a Brazilian butt lift, the body’s own fat is injected into the buttocks to give them more fullness. We take excess fat from other areas of the body, which act as donor sites. The donor sites include the abdomen, hips, back or thighs to add shape to the buttocks. The fat cells are delicately removed with a gentle liposculpturetechnique, and then inserted through micro incisions into different layers of the buttocks.

Our patients say their clothes fit better, they feel more attractive, and their confidence levels are greatly improved with a fuller shaped derriere.

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